Central Line Holder - Central Line Holder - A bag for your Hickman Line
Central Line Holders are antimicrobial bags for Hickman Lines, they are designed to hold and support the Hickman Line

The holders are supplied with a showerproof cover, making caring for your Hickman line effortless

**Addenbrookes Hospital Feedback** 
"The real change will be the Central Line Holders"

What is a Hickman line? Take a look at our 'Hickman Lines' page for full information about

Hickman lines

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As Featured In

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What our customers are saying

"This is a helpful idea, especially when patients leave hospital and don't have medical staff around" Says Dr Aditi Ghei , a consultant at Watford General Hospital

"My Central Line Holder has been a godsend! Thank you for making my life easier"                                                  

"I wish I'd known about it earlier"

"I honestly think it is such a good idea, and much easier to deal with the Hickman line and trying to adjust to having this alien thing hanging from your chest. I'm quite squeamish and so the holder has helped me deal with this so much better"

"I was given a flyer at Medway where I had my Hickman line fitted. I know that it would be great if you were able to get these flyers to the chemo wards. I have attended QEQM, Margate, Medway, Galton ward and have not seen these flyers. I am sure if you could get the information out there then you would have many grateful patients"

"I have spent weeks tucking Hickman line tubes into my bra and taping up at night, washing being a nightmare.So thank you"


Benefits of a bag for your Hickman Line

Hickman line bags / holders, also known as Central Line holders are designed to provide support for your Hickman line, making you more comfortable.

They are made from antimicrobial fabric, the fabric will not support microbial or fungal growth, including salmonella, E Coli and MRSA, they make caring for your Hickman line easier.

The bags are supplied with a showerproof holder and lanyard, showering with a Hickman line is effortless, no more cling film!

Hickman lines are held safely and discreetly in place, enabling users to get on with their life, both lanyards are length adjustable.

We supply Central Line Holders to NHS hospitals via their Macmillan Centre or their charitable funds

**10% discount given**

We have supplied to:

Addenbrookes, Stoke Mandeville, Sunderland Royal and North Tyneside Hospital  


Donate a Central Line Holder to a child with a Hickman line via the donate button 
A holder is donated for every £14 received 

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