Central Line Holder - Central Line Holder - A bag for your Hickman Line

"My Central Line Holder has been a godsend! Thank you for making my life easier"
                                                      "I wish I'd known about it earlier"

"I honestly think it is such a good idea, and much easier
to deal with the Hickman line and trying to adjust to having
 this alien thing hanging from your chest. I'm quite squeamish
 and so the holder has helped me deal with this so much better"

"I was given a flyer at Medway where I had my Hickman line fitted.
 I know that it would be great if you were able to get these flyers to the 
chemo wards. I have attended QEQM, Margate, Medway, Galton ward
 and have not seen these flyers. I am sure if you could get the information
 out there then you would have many grateful patients"

"I have spent weeks tucking Hickman line tubes
into my bra and taping up at night, washing
being a nightmare.So thank you"

"It is really great, everything is more organised and neat and I feel safer"

"Brilliant wee bag - I am loving it - THANKS and highly recommended.
Just stops the Hickman line catching skin or clothes and keeps it in soft
against your skin. Thanks again for a great idea"

"I wish the Royal Marsden had told us about this great product at the time.
It would have avoided the battle with clingfilm at bath time.
I would be very grateful if you could send me a supply of leaflets to
 give to Worthing Hospital and the Marsden, because they are still
 sending patients off into the unknown !"
"I cannot express how much this
has helped my partner to
shower and have a bit of independence.
 Great invention well done"
"It's brilliant and works wonderfully well in the shower.
I've shared my thoughts about your ingenious device Well done"
"He loves it, thank you so much"
"What a brilliant invention!"
"What a great and practical idea, well done!"
"What a great idea,
you should contact Dragon's Den! "
"Someone has at last achieved the impossible!
(District Nurse)"
"I am very happy with it.
I have recommend it to
 other patients when in hospital"
"I think it is a good idea, and could be used for children
 to stop them messing with their Hickman lines.
 It may help new patients with Hickman lines"


Letter from an MP supporting the Central Line Holder


"Please visit www.centrallineholder.comfor a fab new product designed by a former AA patient. If you have a Hickman line, this is a must have!"


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