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The Aplastic Anaemia Trust -

We are the only charity in the UK dedicated to research into aplastic anaemia and allied rare bone marrow failures, and supporting everyone affected nationally


Our mission is to enable vital research into the causes of aplastic anaemia and other rare bone marrow failures that ultimately leads to finding a cure, and to support everyone affected by them, so they can lead healthy and fulfilling lives

Sarah's story: Aplastic Anaemia

Sarah Cheeseman just thought she bruised easily, until the day her hands were covered in bruises from carrying shopping bags and she realised something was wrong. She had aplastic anaemia. Listen to...

Transplant and Treatment for Older Patients with Aplastic Anemia

Dr. Judith Marsh, Kings College Hospital, discusses transplant and treatment for older patients with aplastic anemia. Presented at AAMDSIF 2016 Scientific Symposium, March 2016.

Oakbury Ltd - Registered within England & Wales - 6224108

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